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Early Collection Calling & Credit Control

Understanding that the likelihood of being paid increases the sooner a problem with an unpaid account is addressed, Credit Consultants’ clients are asking us to become involved earlier in their credit cycles.

How we can help

You will achieve better collection results and save time and money by taking advantage of our outsourced solutions for overdue accounts. Here are some of the ways we make a difference: 

  • Early collection
    As soon as an account is overdue or direct debit has been missed, we can take responsibility for following up with the customer to understand and resolve the problem.

  • High value customers
    We can apply our skills to your most valuable customers, where preserving goodwill and maintaining the relationship is of paramount importance.

  • High risk customers
    Conversely, we can look after only those customers who fit a particular risk profile - such as new accounts.

  • Extension of resources
    Or, we can take a blended approach: handling your inbound and outbound calling outside normal business hours, during peak periods, or at times of staff shortage.


  • Our expertise produces better results 
    Effective credit management is our core business. We bring intellectual property, experience and operational best practice that could be too difficult or time-consuming to develop in-house. As a result, we obtain payment earlier and strengthen customer relationships.

  • Our resources give you flexibility 
    With the resources to support a broad base of clients, we provide seamless flexibility whenever you need temporary or permanent increases or decreases in staffing levels.

  • Our systems provide greater transparency
    Our professional client relationship management and the depth and quality of our reporting assures you greater control and better understanding of your credit processes.

  • Economies of Scale provide better value 
    As our systems, people and infrastructure are funded by all of our clients, you will enjoy the benefits of higher quality, more reliable credit management services than you could perhaps justify internally.

  • Better return on investment
    We can help you achieve better credit management outcomes with fewer employees and so enhance the productivity of your workforce. Improved productivity - and the working capital released by collecting more money sooner - will increase your business' overall return on investment.