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Working with Credit Consultants

What we do is important, but so too is how we do it: the Credit Consultants service that surrounds our services.  You can expect us to be:

Client relationship management
You will have a one-on-one relationship with an experienced Credit Consultants Account Manager accepting personal responsibility for ensuring our service is responsive and tailored to your needs.

Reports and recommendations
You will have real time on line access to our systems, enabling you to check the status of any particular debtor. As well, to an agreed timetable, you will receive - in whichever format suits you best - your tailored suite of management reports, accompanied by timely recommendations on any new actions required.

Service level agreements and performance reviews
Our reports will include updates on our performance against agreed key performance indicators. Periodically we will formally review our service levels: always looking for ways to improve your credit management outcomes.

Trust account and banking
We have robust internal procedures to ensure the security of your money.
Every dollar we collect goes into an audited trust account and is credited to you, after disbursements, on the fifth business day of each month.

Invoicing and terms
Within five business days of each month end, we will electronically submit our invoice and statement.