We focus on making it easier for your customer to get it sorted.

Customer Care

We care about your customers, as well as your cashflow.

Experience shows us that your customers are more likely to repay overdue debts when we contact them early and engage with them positively. Our team are skilled at contacting customers in your name, using your brand tone of voice to maintain the relationship.

  • Customer call centre that speaks in your voice
  • Early collections to encourage repayment
  • Positive customer experiences to aid retention


We make everything simpler by innovating the experience.

It is easier for a customer to take ownership of a situation and take the right steps when the process is simple. We work with leading tech partners to research and design innovative solutions that are built around a better customer experience.

  • Designed around your customers
  • Automated systems to reduce friction
  • Self-service tools that let customers take control of their credit

How our clients rate us

I had a debt that I didn’t even know I had incurred. The staff at Credit Consultants were extremely professional and helped me to ensure the debt was repaid immediately. I own a small to medium-size business and because of my previous dealings with Credit Consultants, am now using them to collect my debts.



We make it simple to recover debt sooner without tying up your team.

Debt recovery can be time consuming and complex for your business. We make it faster and easier, with options that take the stress off your team’s hands. You can upload debts direct to our client portal and take advantage of our Debt Recovery team’s expertise, all in your name and on your behalf to maintain the relationship between you and your customer.

  • Outsource debt recovery to our expert team
  • Maintain customer relationships by operating in your name on your behalf
  • Upload debts direct to our portal to streamline the process


Have the confidence to back your best customers.

When it comes to your customers, our data analytics tools allow you to make confident decisions. You can target your services to the right audience, identify lower risk customers, reward the ones who pay on time and spot the customers who are facing difficulties.

  • Improve customer retention through better understanding
  • Target your services to specific audiences
  • Reward your reliable customers with extended credit limits


Trust us to respect the security of your customer accounts.

Your customer data is safe with us and we take transparency and compliance extremely seriously. We also provide necessary legal services at competitive rates and place high value on timely execution of all legal aspects of credit management, including the serving of legal papers.

  • Your customer data is kept secure at all times
  • We protect your customers’ privacy
  • Our legal experts can manage litigation for you

Solutions Tool Kit

    Credit Control

    Manage customer credit more effectively and create a seamless customer experience

    • Credit control for every step of the customer credit cycle
    • We act as you, embodying your company's brand voice
    • Early collection calling provides proactive support and ensures customer retention
    • Location is not an issue - we can work globally with international clients

    Contact Centre Services

    Have our experienced team as your customers’ point of contact.

    • Customer call centre that speaks in your voice
    • Early collections to encourage repayment
    • Positive customer experiences to aid retention

    Debt Recovery

    Work with the experts in effective debt recovery.

    • We partner with clients across Australasia - both commercial and consumer debt recovery
    • Partnering with large organisations and not so large, we can work with any volume of debt
    • Our team has expertise in debt recovery, including legal services, tracing and field agent assignments
    • Innovative technology and communication channels, as well as both client and debtor payment portals

    Technology and Innovation

    We invest in developing our own bespoke tools, driving efficiency and providing:

    • Self-service tools, enabling better ways to collect and helping customers pay back sooner
    • An interactive Client Portal - upload customer debts, review and enter diary notes, create reports - all in real time
    • Debtor portal to let your customers self-manage their debt
    • Cici the Chat Bot gives customers a new and innovative way to interact

    Proven since 1997

    We have a proud and proven track record working in all areas of credit control across the financial services, utilities, government, manufacturing and insurance sectors.

    Decades of experience

    Between us, our team have decades of combined experience in all aspects of our industry including credit control, early collection calling debt recovery, and legal services.

    Scalable solutions

    We confidently handle large volumes of debt, of all types, every single day.