Leaders in the credit collection business

Credit Consultants has been providing debt collection and credit related services since 1997.

We partner with clients on an international basis and have a well-established reputation for achieving positive results.

About Us

We have grown our service offering partnering with clients right around the credit cycle including;

  • Proactive support with all aspects of Credit Control, including Early Collections
  • More effective Debt Recovery

Our client base includes organisations large and small, across all industry sectors.

Our mission is to make cash flow simple, and in doing so help clients return more cash to their business sooner. We do that by working alongside them, at every stage of the credit management cycle.

Our relationships are based on understanding and partnership. We get inside a client’s business, see how things work, and offer appropriate solutions. Our many happy clients see us as their credit management partner, helping them return more cash to their business sooner.

Our goal is to be seen as the best in the business, providing dedicated service and thought leadership on better credit management outcomes. We are innovators, responding to changing demographics and consumer trends by delivering better ways of doing things in the credit management sector.

Credit Consultants is more than a debt recovery agency

Advice on overall Credit Management
Proactive Support with Early Collections
More effective Debt Recovery

International Reach

Locally formed.

We work with clients across the globe.
We have dedicated teams with expertise in Credit Control, Early Collection Calling, Contact Centre Services, Credit Management, Debt Recovery, and Technology

Our reputation for achieving results is well established.

We help clients with every part of the credit management cycle.

Sales Plan Deciding what customer segments to target and not to target.
Credit Policy Deciding the terms and conditions on which credit will be offered.
Credit Control Establishing the credit worthiness of specific potential new customers.
Accounts Receivable Collecting payments due.
Debt Collection Taking action to recover unpaid money.
Strategic Review Analysing results and applying what has been learned.

We are committed to taking an active role in our industry and are members of the New Zealand Credit and Finance Institute and the Australian Institute of Credit Management. We are also mercantile licensed across Australia and members of INSOL, various regional Chambers of Commerce, the New Zealand Institute of Directors and ACA International – The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals.