Technology and Innovation

We invest in developing our own bespoke tools to drive efficiency.

Our debt recovery & credit control platforms , developed in-house, provides:
  • Customer profiling and segmentation
  • Action paths designed for the debt type
  • Customised communication channels to maximise payment
We create self-service tools, enabling better ways to collect and helping customers pay back sooner. Putting smoother, more innovative systems and processes in place improves both the customer experience and your cashflow. These include:
  • An interactive Client Portal - upload customer debts, review and enter diary notes, create reports - all in real time
  • A Debtor Portal to let your customers self-manage their debt
  • Cici the Chat Bot, giving customers an innovative way to interact.
An innovation example: CiCi the Chat Bot gives customers an innovative way to interact

Technology is changing fast. We want to be at the forefront of that change, which is why we are pleased to offer an innovative communication channel for your customers that fits the way they communicate in other parts of life.

CiCi the Chat Bot allows us to engage with them in new ways:
  • Information is brief and to the point
  • Access is simple, online and mobile
  • CiCi gives a friendlier face to debt collection
Benefits for your customers

Through CiCi, customers can view their statements and stay on top of their payments. They can receive payment reminders, update their contact details and pay down their debt in an easy and on-call way. And because it’s not a person they are dealing with, it removes any sense of friction from the process.

Benefits for you

CiCi creates another payment method and takes the friction out of cashflow management, getting money into your account sooner. It also demonstrates that you have empathy for your customers, improving their experience and building a better ongoing relationship.