Credit Control

Collecting on your company’s behalf - we are you!

We work with Clients on an international basis. Your location and your customers' location are not an issue. We represent you by embodying your brand principles, tone and values. This ensures a seamless and positive customer experience which results in your customers paying back sooner.

  • Improved customer retention

    Early, friendly contact makes for a better customer experience and maximises retention. We want your customers to come away from any conversation we have on your behalf still wanting to remain your customer.

  • Early collection

    We recognise that overdue payments are early in the collection cycle and customer retention, together with payment, are the preferred outcomes. As soon as an account is overdue, we can follow up with the customer to understand and resolve the problem.

  • Credit control

    We can look after your entire credit control function for you, under your name. As far as your customers are concerned, they are dealing directly with you, which reduces friction and stress. We can integrate with your existing system to streamline the whole process.

  • Cash Flow

    Using us allows you to improve your Aged Trial Balance position with a variable operating cost, rather than having fixed costs for staff, recruitment and training. We are there when you need us, rather than an ongoing expense.