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Debt Recovery

As debt recovery is the component of credit management that is most often outsourced, it is usually our first point of engagement with many clients. When internal efforts to collect payment have failed, accounts are passed to us for action.

Fundamental to the Credit Consultants approach is a concept we call Rapid Resolution. The current economic climate has dictated the necessity for time being of the essence. The sooner we understand the reason for non-payment, the greater our chances of success. 

The following are key components of Credit Consultants debt recovery capability:

  • Process
    One reason we achieve the results we do is the systematic way we work. A successful relationship is based on our knowledge of your business.

  • Skills
    The aptitude and expertise of our people is the second reason we are successful. Their ability to establish rapport with debtors and to work creatively with them to solve the problem can make all the difference to recovering your money, preserving your customer relationship and enhancing your brand.

  • Specialist resource - Tracing, Field Visits & Process Serving, Legal
    For the more challenging debt types, we draw on our wider resources: our specialists in tracing, our network of field agents and our external legal counsel in conjunction with our in-house staff. No matter where in New Zealand, Australia or further afield your debtor may be, we have the ability to trace them and take appropriate action.

  • Ability to charge the Debtor for costs relating to the debt
    If your terms and conditions allow it, our objective will be to ensure the customer pays the cost of collection, thus reducing the cost of debt recovery to you.


Credit Consultants is the right choice for debt recovery services because:

  • We recover the cash
    Debt recovery is our core business: Credit Consultants was founded on the belief that there is a better way and we continually invest in our processes, skills and resources to ensure we collect more of your money sooner.

  • We protect your brand
    Our people understand the concept of customer lifetime value and approach their work as your brand ambassadors. Our objective is to not simply secure payment, but - wherever we can - to repair and strengthen your customer relationship.

  • We make it easy for you
    Meeting the needs of your business, not ours, is the way we will approach designing a debt recovery process for you. We will make it easy for you to load debts online, provide you with real-time online access to our system so that you can view the status of individual debtors, and set up a tailored suite of management reports that enable total transparency.

  • It’s a partnership
    We are more than debt recovery agents: we are Credit Consultants. Expect us therefore to work with you proactively: always thinking about improvements that will lead to better credit management outcomes.